Friday, May 28, 2010

Monkey Face

Lady Gaga has got Poker Face well I got Monkey Face. The Other day I went back to Elephanta Island with my two American friends Andrew and Nick They have both Left Mumbai now, but we had a good time while they were here. There is no Denny's or Greek diners here for breakfast so we went to the local veg restaurant In Coloba. I love the orange chairs so retro without trying to be we. Andrew in one of his half trance half goof states.

Stopped by Crawford market Nick wanted to buy some spices, but after the prices they gave us he decided he could get it cheaper in NYC. Crawford market is full of Mangoes I think it the Mango transportation center of Mumbai. I freaked out when I saw puppies in cage until I realized that it was also the pet market, and they were not being sold DUH! Wrong Country Gabi! Not anything like Petco or Petsmart, sad conditions really. The kitty was panting!

Nicky and His pet goat, Yeah Holly he bought it and he's taking it home! LOL just kidding we had it for dinner actually.

The only photo I have of me so far is in the reflection of the pet store window, I really need to get some pics of me to prove I was here.

Tons of mangoes and fruit so beautifully laid out, the colors were stunning.

On the boat to Elephanta and as always the people are so photogenic and if I smile at them they don't mind me making pictures, Its the Bollywood thing!

When we got to Elephanta we just strolled around kinda like the cows there, this guy I thought was going after me but he was just trying to get up a step and I happened to be in his way. This is his backend!

But the real star of this post is Monkey face!! I don't know what he has on his lips but he cracked me up and he was quite a photogenic monkey some monkeys aren't so photogenic so when I find one I go snap crazy!


  1. Love the photos!! I love the monkey , but the baby is just beautiful!! Ok..I want one of those shirts Nicky has on!!

  2. Those what size what color? LOL it can be arranged.

  3. Vic the pink friut is an apple wrapped in plastic foam to protect