Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I arrived a few days ago and got my mobile internet back, I need to get my camera lens fixed before I can start taking pics again but here is a Delhi update anyways.

So last night I hooked up with some friends in South Delhi. It was an outdoor mall with bars and restaurants, not unlike something you would see in the west. But not exactly either. But what blew me away was everything closes at 12 am wow thats early, I managed to stay up partying till 3:00 In Leh which is a small village not the capital city. So Thursday we are going to a club those are open till 2 i think.

Today i went across town to a shop I have been told can fix my camera but when I talked to him he said the Tamron lens I have has this particualr problem and the part can't be bought. So now I have to buy a new lens he has the same tamron or for a bit more I can buy the sigma or for more than double i can buy the canon 18-200is which is a better lens. I sent an email to an Indian photographer friend to see what he says about it and the prices so i will see, its an uexpected expense but I was thinking of getting a better one when I got back for xmas anyways.

So after the disappointment at the camera store I wandered and i wandered, getting myself lost in old delhi bizarre. When I was sufficiently tired out and sweating, i tried to grab a rikshaw but there weren't many I asked a few and they all declined to take me where I was going. So I kept walking and finally came upon two riks sitting there next to a bicycle rikshaw I asked but they didnt want to go, so the bicycle rikshaw says he will take me. I'm thinking this guy is nuts or he doenst understand where it is I want to go. so I jump on and this poor guy pedals me around Delhi. I felt so guilty, and terrified, being in a auto rikshaw is one thing but this bike was exposed to all the traffic around you and there was plenty of it. Right in front of us a scooter a bicyle rikshaw and an ox pulling a cart collided and had to get unstuck from each other. Lol that was kinda funny.

But the saddest thing i saw was a man lying in the middle of the street naked except a lungi (loin cloth) He was deathly thin you could see all his bones. And he was just wriggling there in the midde of the road. Thats not what you see when you look at the brochures or the Incredible India tourism commercials that you see on CNN. It left me gutted, as a matter of fact I'm still seeing him, I swear I thought he was dying. I wanted to stop but there was so much traffic we couldn't.

I don't think honestly he was dying, I think its his way of begging, or have I become so... I don't know what the word is, but there are many emotions running through me.