Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Beautiful Pink Sari

After leaving Mumbai's laundromat, I decided to walk to the Haj Ali Mosque. Walking any city's street gives you a taste of the life there but walking these city streets never seize to amaze me. I walked past some slums where the people are lathering themselves up with soap and pouring water over themselves to bathe right on the street.

I walk past so many faces so many beautiful faces. I ran into these siblings when the brother was picking up his sister off the street after she had fallen. I think she is staring so intently at me because of the large camera lens attached to my face.

The High rises built next to the slums with large water features at their entrance in a city where there is a large water shortage, is just another sign of Incredible India!

The 500 year old Haj Ali mosque is at the end of a long islet, at high tide it turns into an island. It is said the the mosque was built on this spot because when Haj Ali died on his way to Mecca his coffin floated back to the shores of Bombay and landed on this spot.But today it was full of faithful pilgrims. All the way down to the mosque you have stalls selling kitsch from Miniature Korans to hair accessories.

On the other side of the causeway you have the Blind and disabled beggars waiting for alms. Some of them had numerous missing limbs it only makes you wonder, and then I came upon three of them together wrapped only in a cloth with various missing body parts they were laying on their sides and chanting ALLAH! ALLAH! I couldnt take a photo of them I have the image permanently in my mind that is enough.

As you get closer to the mosque you have your food vendors.

The mosque was in quite disrepair,just like everything else in India. I thought this guy had a interesting look, I wonder what his story is.

As I was walking out of the mosque I noticed this beautiful women I think it was the Pink sari against her dark skin that made me look at her, I followed behind her for awhile and when I got the opportunity I took this pic. She isnt a fashion model by any means but there was something magical about how she carried herself.

And then of course you get the not so pretty women walking down the islet as well.

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