Thursday, May 20, 2010

Horniman Park

Horniman Park Yep that's what its called and its pronounced that way too. A park located in south Mumbai in the Fort Neighborhood. It's close to the India stock exchange. What can I say when I found out there was a park called Horniman I had to go investigate. So first I had to pass by the exchange it was quite nice they dont allow cars in front of it. I couldn't figure out why I felt different until I realized no HORNS!!

I entered the park and it was green and lush for Mumbai standards and guess what it was full of LOL!!!! Yep a lot of men. Not much of a park but I guess a place with a bit of shade to get away from the Mumbai scorching sun.

But it is called Horniman park in honor of this guy so it wasn't just a piss take on the name. He even got a plaque.

And here is more men taken shade.... Hmm I don't see Dr. Bombay in there,( Dr. Bombay future posts)

So after that I wandered the lanes of Fort, and slowly made my way back to Colaba this is a view of the Famous rat infested Regal Theater and right across the street the next building you see is my hotel. Behind the tower you see is the Taj Tower part of the Taj Hotel which was attacked in 08.

A close up shot of the Hotel Shabana my home in Mumbai, I put a G on my room so you can see where I am staying. Probably not a good idea for stalkers but I don't have any at the moment.


  1. ..As always awesome pics!! keep the stories coming along with your vibrant images. I'm loving this virtual travel of India though your Lens!

  2. Thank you I enjoy it more when people read it , makes it all worth while!

  3. Great pictures, as always!! Love the stories! If Dr. Bombay comes back to pet your pussy, Catfluff, you bring out the claws!!

  4. Hi,
    Love to read your adventures.
    Take care.