Sunday, May 2, 2010

Juice Bar

I had to go to the Vodaphone store to replace a three day old faulty sim card. Interesting experience, I had to wait about 45 minutes in that time I saw all walks of life enter and leave. From Businessmen to housewives, street sellers to beggars it appears that all of India has a Cell phone.

Afterward I walked around Fort the neighborhood that the store was in. One of the wonderful things about India is all the street stalls and sellers. I got thirsty so I stopped for a fresh squeezed juice. There were so many juices to choose from some of them from fruit I have never heard of. I didn't feel very adventurous so I just asked for watermelon juice. But it was cold and delicious and full of watermelon bits.

The colors of India is one of the things I was excited to see before I got here and they are plentiful. Walking along I stumbled upon this marigold seller. They use the flower to adorn entrances and their shrines. The flower is strung onto strings to form a necklace.

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