Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Search Of Leather Cord

This is proving more difficult than I could have imagined. I went looking for it the other day while I was searching for a tailor and some beads. I thought I was warm when two shopkeepers wrote down where I should go to find it. It was late so I decided to go back to Colaba and try again another day. So I set out today. For Bhendi Bazzar, there they told me I had to go to Madame Pura street yet another taxi ride. And this was quite far out I kept thinking this has got to be wrong.

When The taxi stopped I had a feeling I was not in the right place. First of all, every store or stall I entered not one person spoke a word of English. I was getting stared at intently. It was like I had dropped in from another planet and I was a total alien for these people. I heard the call to prayer and pulled my scarf over my head so as not to look so Alien. I found myself In Buckle and zipper pulls street.

You see that's the way the neighborhoods are set up, a street or a few blocks full of the same products. And If you want them you go there. I have seen drill bit street, brake parts street, steel tube street, speaker wire street metal safe street ect. oh and I cant forget luggage lane.

So I finally found a man who spoke some English and he steered me to Sufia Zuber Street. Which is Shoe parts street, LOL. Yep if you ever need a new pair of heels I know where to find them here in Mumbai. However I was informed that all the stuff comes from China.

But alas still no leather cord. As the sun was at it hottest and I was getting weaker from trudging through the traffic and potholes and animals and stepping over people sleeping on the shady side of the street. I decided to call it a day. And head back. But not before I found wedding invitation street, wow this was a long one to.

I am determined to find this leather cord it may take me to some interesting parts of town but its all part of the adventure isnt it?


  1. Enjoying your blog.

    Since leather cord is made from cows, is it possible that there is no leather cord to be found there, since cows are sacred?

  2. LOL didnt think of that, they have leather shoes though!