Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malabar Hill

Yesterday I went for a wander around a area of Mumbai I hadn't been to before Its called Malabar Hill, its full of pretty old colonial architecture and a few temples, skyscrapers with ocean views that have to look over the slums first. I got dropped of at The Jain temple, Jainism is an ancient religion of India that follows a path of non-violence towards all living beings.

I don't know much about Jains but I wondered in and took of my shoes like the sign said, I should of read the rest of the sign before I entered as well OOPS! It was very pretty and open unfortunately to dark to get very many pictures and since it was a working temple and people were praying I am not one to shove my camera in their faces I restrained myself.

In the entrance there was this gorgeously ornate silver plated carriage.

And Since Elephants are trendy right now I thought he was kinda cute.

As I was putting my shoes on I started to read the rest of the sign, and the one that really stood out was, WOMEN WHO HAVE THEIR MONTHLY PERIOD WILL NOT ENTER THE TEMPLE, Yikes I hope I didn't sully the place. And how would anybody know really??

I walked around a bit really just getting lost in the neighborhood. I did go through this arch but I was told I wasn't allowed in there another OOPS!

So I was desperately looking for a way to get to the sea front when I met this boy and his mother, I was trying to take a photo of the temple spire with the satellite dish sticking off of it when this little boy climbed a railing and got in my picture.

His Mother and I got to talking and she inquired about my chin that was bandaged up, since my fall in the bathroom the other night. She asked me if my husband did it to me? Hmm is that a normal question.

After wards I turned a corner and I found this incredible pool, gosh what I wouldn't have given to jump right in it.

Boys at play I was really envious that they got swim in the pool what a cool thing to have in you neighborhood, But as with ALL things in India nothing is clean.

This neighborhood of new towering private entrance apartment blocks built alongside the slums makes me think of a forest with trees and after the rains a plethora of all kinds of fungi. I found the local laundromat the laundry hanging out to dry with the filth of the street just under it. As I walked around I encountered the mobile water tanker and all the women were lined up for fresh water with their buckets. Indians are unbelievably friendly and egocentric people they love to have there photos taken and its usually upon their suggestions before I start clicking away.

And then I encountered the barber shop I got this fist picture shot before I was noticed and then the Barber got very animated and well just in true form of Bollywood posed for me.

My first sighting of a bird in captivity! I wonder what he thinks of the heat?

And after all this wondering around I found a little road side place where I ordered some samosas and a lassi.


  1. i love those photos taken at the barbershop. you're right - totally bollywood pose!

  2. Your blog is awesome. I need to remember to check it every day. Judy (Alpie's mother)