Monday, May 17, 2010

Chor Bazaar

The Chor bazaar in Mumbai is packed full of little shops selling anything and everything, it translates to thieves market. It is called that because during Queen Victoria of England's visit to India, it is said that her violin was stolen off the ship and it was found in the bazaar, so hence the name Thieves market.

I love to wander around there getting dusty looking at all the little odd and ends there. And then when I do find something of interest the haggling starts. You can find old ship parts ,vintage cameras, weird bits. I found a tigers tooth and hippo horn but I wont buy either one on principal. There is plenty of reproduction crap to buy as well you just have to know if its really vintage/antique. I found a really cool stone inlayed skull mug, it caught my eye, but when I smelled and looked at the inside I knew it wasn't old, even when the boy tried to persuade me that it was, I laughed and another guy said no its not old. I bought my Whistles at Chor bazaar and also some of the vintage wood blocks

However the most incredible find so far has been this beautiful old Plymouth with the most retro teal paint job. She isn't pristine, she looks like she has been around the block a bit, but I bet she would be fun to drive around India. Just as long as the cows stayed clear. I'm calling her Christine.

I have seen lots of old musical instruments Tuba any one??

And the old Photography equipment is impressive.

Really if its old its here.

And of course You have to have mangoes and guys with colorful beards.


  1. Is all of the fruit organic? You must be having a ball!

  2. Calling that car "Christine" is not too far off track. This car looks like a 1956 Plymouth Savoy, the movie car was a 1958 Ply Fury. Pretty close!
    This one looks to be in pretty good shape, can't be too many like that on the Indian sub-continent.

  3. Well blow me, in the UK if somebody has stolen something the slang word is to ' chor ' it,

    Now I know where the expression came from..

    Fabulous photo's, I'm just off to read more of your blog..