Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Brass Whistle That Made Me Turn Red

They are pretty vintage a few are stamped 1960's, when I found them I instantly thought how cool since I am all about recycling history into my designs. So that in turn led me on the Leather cord chase remember my previous post. Well I never found the leather, but I went back to the bazaar the other day and found some vintage Afghan necklace's that I thought would look ideal with the brass whistle's.

So I made them up and then I had to take pictures as you do before you can list a new product for sale. I was raking my brain as how to show that these could also be unisex. In the Hotel Shabana , there is a fellow American staying here. He is a nice young boy from PA. and I thought well heck I will ask him to model for me in the lobby, he didn't mind and I took the snaps.

Later I also took some up close images, but I was up in the air with which image should be my first picture for my items.

So I posted both a pic of the up close shot and a pic of the body shot. The girls on the Artfire forums got a giggle out of the sexy pics and usual banter started. Girls will be girls after all. But then when a dear friend of mine from Artfire Holly of RoyalMetals posted in the thread I dropped my jaw. this is what Holly posted.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG That boy is 19 years old, lives in Pa., is traveling around India and some other countries, his mother will be there in a week or so to visit him. I know because HE IS MY NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe this!!!!!

So needless to say I was embarrassed for taking pictures of her nephew like that but the whole family got a kick out of it, and so did Nick. I hope to meet his mother when she arrives next week. Holly asked me to look out for him as well and is happy to know that, he isn't completely alone in Mumbai.

What a small world it is, I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

The close up shot

The shot that started the banter

And the shot that I posted to show them he was just a boy and the one that his Aunt Holly recognized him in.

And today I took a few more shots to show off the whistles as hipster and unisex. This is one of the room wallahs Rakesh. I really like the 70's look that's happening.

And of course if you want to buy any of these very cool vintage brass whistles you can find them at my Artfire studio.

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