Thursday, April 29, 2010

My first cow siting

One thing about India is the smells, some can be almost gut wrenching bad that I fight gag reflexes. And others can be so heavenly aromatic that's its a wonder you are in the same place.

Cows are sacred in India and are never eaten or harmed. However they do stop traffic in crowded city's from time to time when they refuse to move. I was walking around today and finally saw my first Indian city cows. Three of them tethered to a pole. They looked pretty healthy and clean for cows. There was a man trying to feed them a banana. But He said they were full. I told him that I thought cows only ate grass, he says no they eat anything vegetarian. I guess they do when they are not full.


  1. the cow in the second photo looks like it's had enough bananas for the day! :-)

  2. Sadly the cow has eaten more than some of the people here.