Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vintage Czech Army Surplus bags

So while I have been here in the Czech Republic, between taking care of some personal things and hanging with the family and waiting for the skies to clear so I can fly out I have been scouring Army surplus stores for new unique finds that I can reconstruct to fit modern day man.

I found these khaki cotton vintage backpacks some of them have the date stamped on them I got one that says 1967. They are used and some have imperfections and soldiers writing on them. But they can hold a lot. And they look cool with all the hardware.

I also found two very rare medics bags bags, I have one from 1963 and the other from 1967. These bags carried some weird breathing apparatus, that came inside them. The instructions for use are printed on the inside flap. These messenger bags make perfect satchels for the guy who wants a man purse or murse.

And then I also found these Czech bread bags, they fit netbooks like a glove and are a perfect over the shoulder cross the body bag for your modern day warrior and all his gear.

All these bags and more photos can be found at Catfluff for purchase but hurry they sell out fast and when they are gone thats it.


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