Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Chabad House

I was walking around Colaba yesterday that's South Mumbai. I had my camera out and I was taking photos. Of various things, street life in general, when a security guard saw me and singled to me. I thought it was because I wasn't allowed to or that he didn't want me taking photos. There is a large security presence around Mumbai since the 2008 terrorist attacks , especially in areas frequented by foreigners or the elite.

So I was rather surprised when he pointed out I was standing next a wall that was pockmarked with bullet holes that had been highlighted with red paint and with the words above it

We Condemn The 26-11-08 Terror Attack

I immediately knew that this must have been where the Chabad house was. and sure enough right behind me was the actually building that the Israelis were in when the terrorists came in and started shooting. The building lays vacant now but there is a very sad an eerie feeling to that street.

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