Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Faces of Srinagar

When you arrive at the airport the sign says Welcome to Paradise on Earth, well I cant say I agree 100% but the weather is a whole lot cooler then hot and sweaty Mumbai. The military presence is quite strong there are checkpoints about every Kilometer. However the feeling in the air isn't tense or intimidating.

My cell phone with my Mumbai sim card doesn't work here so I had to get a sim card on the black, its on loan while I stay in Srinagar. The Indian government doesn't want foreigners having cell phones here. Hmm... I wonder why?

Today I walked around the town just to take it all in it sure is a different world from Mumbai from the architecture to the faces of the People.

Today's post is just the faces of Srinagar Enjoy!!!


  1. beautiful people and beautiful photos! those children are sweet.

  2. Great Pics! You're a wonderful story teller, I am enjoying my travels to India by way of "Traveling with Scissors".