Monday, June 21, 2010

Ladakhi Sunday

The weather has warmed up finally and the sun is shining bright, so bright that I'm sunburnt, lol my fault though, who comes to India without sunscreen ok I know I can buy some but I haven't gotten around to it yet. So the first beautiful Sunday here in Leh and just like the rest of the world Sunday's are for brunch and picnic's. I start my Sunday off at Bon Appetit, meeting my crazy friend Swaati, we are trying to figure out were to get bleach to dye her dreadlocked tips. We give up on that and instead order Bloody Mary's and salads.

My local watering hole, Bon Appetit is located behind the mainstreets of Leh, secluded from the hustle and bustle cars,cows, dogs and tourists. Not that easy to find but well worth it. With an organic farm in the back, views of the mountains, incredible food, cold beer, wifi that works sometimes and good company what else can a girl ask for? And for once I have photos of me!!!

After brunch we venture out for a picnic along the river Indus. When we get there a few of us girls decide to go skinny dipping in the river, its bloody cold, after all its snow melt but it feels great and its the first bath I have had in India. Sorry no pics of the bath!!

Just like when I was hanging out in the forest preserves in Chicago as a kid, picnics in Ladakh consist of beer, dope, music and friends. But the difference is that I'm surrounded by the Himalayas not highways.

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  1. the people in this place are beautiful (yes, that includes you!). they have such a wonderful mix of features.