Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pangong Lake

Pangong lake a day trip from Leh takes you over the third highest motor-able pass at elevation 17586 feet/5360 meters, I was definitely feeling light headed even after a week of being in Leh and the higher altitudes. The drive there and back is just as much of the trip as seeing the lake itself. Actually you spend more time going there and back (4 1/2 hours one way) then at the lake. As you drive out of Leh the road takes you through villages that are interspersed with many monastery's clinging to hill tops, There are quite a few I still need to go and explore.

As the road started to slowly ascend the scenery was spectacular, unfortunately I couldn't keep telling the driver to stop for me. These next 3 shots are taking from the front seat.

In order to travel to the lake you need to have a permit which the trekking company arranges for you a day in advance. Because as always in this area there is a large military presence, not only because of Pakistan but the lake itself borders China.

The cutest thing I saw on the way up to the lake was a rodent they call a marmet I called marmite. It waits along side the road for the Indian tourists to pass and stop and feed him cookies. I gave him some almonds I think he preferred the cookies looking at his belly.

We finally get to the lake along with all the other Indian tourists the way they are taking pictures you would think they have never seen water before. The views are precious and the water is clear but COLD.

And of course you cant forget that China is on the other side of the lake so of course there is a military presence there as well.

On the drive back I had my first Yak siting, I did make the driver stop for this and I ran out there then I stopped and realized that these were wild yaks, so maybe staying back a bit and just using the telephoto was a better idea, since I have no idea if yaks are aggressive, although they did appear pretty passive.And of course we had to stop at the top of the pass for those stereotypical tourist photos. All and all it was a good day out.


  1. all i can say is: oh my God!!!!!

    could you possibly ship a marmet to me? LOL

    that lake is awesome. like a huge mirror thrown down onto the earth by a giant goddess -- who of course promptly forgot about it because she remembered she had to do her nails.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your pictures, just amazing pictures!

  3. Beautiful photos and such wonderful memories.

  4. The higher you go, the closer it looks to Heaven! Absolutely gorgeous!