Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Cricket Streets of Delhi

I know I have some posts that I have to do of my time at the Taj Majal and Varanasi but today was Mahatma Gandhi's 141st birthday, lol he's no longer alive but it's still a holiday in India. Thus making it a DRY day no alchohol to be sold.

So after lunch I went back to my hotel only to find some friends playing cricket in the street. It reminded me of the movie Wayne's world they kept moving the wicket (which was a plastic chair) for the cars to pass by. I don't know a thing about cricket even though many an Indian and even Aussie have tried to explain the game to me. However just seeing grown men in the heart of Delhi playing cricket on a Saturday afternoon brought me to bring my camera out. Here are some of the pics nice street scenes I think!

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